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The Assuring Controls Compliance of Research Data (ACCORD) Project is funded by the National Science Foundation to provide research computing support to researchers at public institutions in Virginia who may not have access to such resources themselves.

If you are a researcher looking for a place to securely store, work on and invite others to collaborate on your data, consider the ACCORD cyberinfrastructure. The following are recent ACCORD project highlights:
Appalachia Prosperity Project
ACCORD partners with the Appalachia Prosperity Project to support research development and underpin data management, serving the Southwest Virginia region.
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DeapSECURE Cybertraining @ ODU
ACCORD partners with Old Dominion University DEAPSecure project to develop cybertraining activities.
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ACCORD provides the following services:


ACCORD provides resources for data storage and computation. This storage can be jointly accessed by you and your collaborators.


ACCORD provides secured environments where users can safely work on sensitive data. For example, data describing human subjects, or data from industry partners that need to be protected.


ACCORD infrastructure is compliant-capable. For example, if you need an environment to support sensitive data, the ACCORD infrastructure can be a part of your compliance plan.

Benefits of the ACCORD Project:

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